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Access Floor

While selecting an access or raised floor panel that will work best for your application, be sure you consider the ultimate load capacity of each panel. According to the CISCA, the ultimate load is considered the most important test because it indicates the point of failure or collapse of the individual panel.

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Live Data Center Floor Replacement

Johnston Technologies recently completed a full replacement of the raised access floor at a large data center in Nashville. This job, however, came with a caveat. The caveat was that we needed to replace the floor tiles underneath the racks, while the equipment was live.  As data center personnel are aware, servers are expensive, time […]

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Top 10 List

Johnston Technologies’ Top 10 List Okay everyone, The Late Show with David Letterman has been off the air for a couple months now so just in case you are having withdrawals from hearing his nightly Top 10 List, Johnston Technologies in Franklin, Tennessee presents… The Top 10 Reasons to call Johnston Technologies about your business’ […]

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NFPA 70 Article 645.5

Free White Paper: NFPA 70 Article 645.5 Article 645.5 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70 outlines proper power-supply wiring requirements in for information technology equipment and systems in an information technology equipment room. Also known as the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70 defines information technology equipment as: Our free white paper will teach […]

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Raise the Floor

Raised floor panels are installed in both data center and office space applications.  Finished Floor Height (FFH) up to 18 inches is generally used for office space to utilize the underfloor plenum for a low cost air delivery system and access to the voice/data lines.  FFH above 18 inches is generally used for data centers […]

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Are Your Cables Under Control?

Okay, here are a couple of scenarios…If you are a girl (or a hippy dude sporting lovely locks) with long hair and you don’t use conditioner, is it manageable or is it a giant rats nest that takes FOREVER to untangle? If you are a guy (or a girl in charge of the family finances) […]

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