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Johnston Technologies and the James Webb Space Telescope

How Did Johnston Technologies Play a Role in the James Webb Space Telescope? Johnston Technologies provides critical, uninterruptible power supply technology to some of the most influential companies in the world. One of which, Axsys Technologies, recently made headlines as being a crucial step in the building of the James Webb telescope, launched by NASA […]

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Emergency Lighting

Johnston Technologies offer both single and three phase, on-line double conversion emergency lighting inverters. These products deliver AC power to emergency lighting fixtures at “full-light” during an outage or power interruption. Our single phase line range from 350W to 21kW of emergency power. Likewise, our three phase range from 9kW to 225kW. Our expansive line […]

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Man, That’s Pretty Fly

Hey, I don’t mean to get all crazy and talk about fly stuff, but Yo, this stuff is rockin’. Okay, I’m too old to be talking like that (And truth be told, you are too old to be reading it.) What I can tell you, in good old fashioned English, is that Johnston Technologies in […]

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Flywheel UPS