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November 2013

November 2013 Volume 1 Issue 7      Battery Replacements       Over 75% of unplanned power outages can be attributed to a battery failure. Battery failures can happen over the course of two or more weeks or as little as two days.  Replacing old batteries is crucial for a UPS system.  If a single battery begins […]

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Facility Monitoring Systems are all incorporating monitoring solutions for individual data centers or multiple facilities located worldwide. While using a single program, users can monitor multiple locations or drill down to an individual facility, room, or piece of equipment. Each piece of equipment can have multiple data points to monitor, allowing for complex monitoring solutions that […]

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Leak Detection

Johnston Technologies offers a unique and powerful way of analyzing liquid leaks within a data center. With most data center’s running water in and out of the room from their air handling units, discovering a leak that can potentially harm expensive equipment is vital to any data center’s uptime. The Leak Detection Monitoring System can […]

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Leak Detection Cable