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Interesting Facts About Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

A UPS protects your computers, mission critical equipment, and whatever other devices you have plugged into it, from four different power problems…voltage surges and spikes (voltage is greater than it should be), voltage sags (voltage is less than it should be), total power failure, and frequency differences (when the power is flowing at something other […]

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Security First

You hear the phrase, “Safety first.” quite often. But today we are going to say, “Security first.”  What is the first thing most people do when they walk out the front door? Unless they are coming right back in, most people lock it. And why do we lock the door? To be secure and to […]

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Don’t Despair, Have a Spare

Have you ever been driving along and all of sudden you hear a “Pop! Flump. Flump. Flump.” ? 1. Of course you have; everyone has. And 2. I know it’s not a word, but that’s what a flat sounds like to me. Anyway, what do you do? You pull over and get the spare tire […]

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Diesel Rotary UPS

Is Your Company Prepared for a Mission Critical Situation? Does your company hold the lives of others in their hands? You’ve heard of the movie Mission Impossible, right? This is Mission Critical…presented by Johnston Technologies in Franklin, TN. No, we are not talking about secret spies and espionage…we are talking about something more powerful…acts of […]

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Load Banking

Johnston Technologies provides a load banking testing service for any size generator, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), or Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Our primary options for load banking services include resistive load banks and DC load banks. Our resistive load banks are used for generators and UPS systems, while our DC load banks are used in testing […]

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Maintenance Contracts

Proper maintenance of mission-critical equipment is vital to a data center’s reliability. Johnston Technologies offers multiple service plans for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Air Conditioning Units, and generators. Our factory certified engineers can service most units, regardless of brand. Response Times Quick response times can prove crucial in reducing Mean Time to […]

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UPS System Maintenance