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Security First

You hear the phrase, “Safety first.” quite often. But today we are going to say, “Security first.”  What is the first thing most people do when they walk out the front door? Unless they are coming right back in, most people lock it. And why do we lock the door? To be secure and to […]

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Four Post

Four-post racks are similar to two post racks in that they allow unrestricted airflow, easy access to IT equipment and wiring, and provide a simple, cost-effective solution. However, the four-post racks easily integrate with strip PDUs unlike the two post. Therefore, the four-post racks are an easy solution for small to medium-sized data centers where security is not a main […]

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Two Post

Two post racks are perfect solutions for wiring closets and small-sized data centers. These open framed racks allow unrestricted airflow to IT equipment and are a low-cost solution when security is not a main concern. They provide quick and easy access to both the IT equipment and cabling. The stabilization plates can be mounted either internally or externally […]

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2 Post Rack