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Interesting Facts About Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

A UPS protects your computers, mission critical equipment, and whatever other devices you have plugged into it, from four different power problems…voltage surges and spikes (voltage is greater than it should be), voltage sags (voltage is less than it should be), total power failure, and frequency differences (when the power is flowing at something other […]

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February 2014

February 2014 Volume 2 Issue 2        3-Phase 10kVA to 2MW Designing and choosing a 3-Phase UPS for your data center can be overwhelming.  Many brands are available with even more styles and sizes to choose from.  If your data center relies on a UPS at all times, let us guide you in the […]

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Flywheel Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) are unique solutions for providing back-up power in data centers.  These systems specialize in high-power, short discharge situations.  The flywheel works by storing kinetic energy which will then become the first line of defense in a power outage.  These UPSs maintain a high reliability and if used in conjunction with a battery powered UPS, […]

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Flywheel UPS