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Critical Equipment Cleaning Schedule

When most people think of a scheduled cleaning, the first thing that pops into their head is going to the dentist. But guess what, for your business’ data center, a regular scheduled cleaning is just as important. According to Johnston Technologies, Middle Tennessee’s specialists in data center infrastructure for over 26 years, just as having […]

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A regular cleaning schedule is as crucial for data center managers as scheduling regular maintenance on critical equipment.  Maintaining a clean data center is an important decision to prolonging the life of your equipment and safety of your staff. Johnston Technologies’ comprehensive cleaning service and service contracts will help maintain the integrity and safety of […]

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Is Your Facility Up and Running?

Okay now, I just asked you a question. Is your facility up and running? If your job title is Data Center Manager, you better have answered yes…quickly. If you answered, “I don’t know. Let me go check.” or “I have no idea; we have facilities all over the world.” then there’s a problem. Don’t worry. […]

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Money Saving Battery Monitoring

We’ve all had this problem; you look down at your watch, only to discover the battery is dead. Big deal; you change the battery and go on. But what if there is a power outage at your business and the UPS doesn’t kick on to keep your critical equipment running because it’s batteries are dead. […]

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Thermography Scanning

Johnston Technologies offers a unique thermography reporting service that can help save our customers money every month. Our thermography scanning service pinpoints costly hot spots in data centers, rows, racks or critical equipment. This service will help diagnose heat patterns in a row due to poor ventilation or if cool air is properly reaching all equipment […]

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Thermography Scan