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Coming Soon to a Single Phase Near You!

Big changes are coming soon for single-phase UPS products by APC.  APC has upgraded multiple features in their UPS products for years, but now, they will soon be offering an upgrade for …drum roll please… Lithium Ion batteries! Specifically, APC will soon offer Lithium Ion batteries in their Smart-UPS On-Line product line. What does this […]

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How We Protect Our Small Business

If you’ve looked at our social media platforms in the past few days, you would have seen that our office complex was hit from the EF-1 tornado that hit Franklin on Wednesday, March 1st of this year. Thankfully, we did not fall victim to the old adage, “The plumber’s house always leaks.” Aside from the […]

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Cellwatch Daily Battery Monitoring

Free White Paper: Cellwatch Daily Battery Monitoring With over 75% of unplanned power outages attributed to battery failures, knowing the status of your UPS batteries every day is crucial. Cellwatch monitors UPS batteries every day and will notify of any battery failures before a power outage occurs. This white paper will teach you: What Cellwatch […]

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Project: Battery Monitoring and Spare Parts

Situation A multi campus client of Johnston Technologies was struggling to maintain a normal battery life in their uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The building was limited on available space, so the decision was made to set the UPS in a condensed room with no central air conditioning availability and located in a parking garage.  Over […]

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Money Saving Battery Monitoring

We’ve all had this problem; you look down at your watch, only to discover the battery is dead. Big deal; you change the battery and go on. But what if there is a power outage at your business and the UPS doesn’t kick on to keep your critical equipment running because it’s batteries are dead. […]

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Diesel Rotary UPS

Is Your Company Prepared for a Mission Critical Situation? Does your company hold the lives of others in their hands? You’ve heard of the movie Mission Impossible, right? This is Mission Critical…presented by Johnston Technologies in Franklin, TN. No, we are not talking about secret spies and espionage…we are talking about something more powerful…acts of […]

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