March 2014

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March 2014
Volume 2 Issue 3   
Leak Detection
By RLE Technologies
RLE Sensing Cable and Leak Detection Controller Demonstration
RLE Sensing Cable and Leak Detection Controller Demonstration

     According to a survey of business facility managers, the second most common cause of business disruption, right behind power outages, is fluid damage. Given the volume of water and other fluids running throughout your facility, chances are good you WILL experience a leak.

     Johnston Technologies provides a simple and cost effective solution that enables you to identify fluid leaks anytime, anywhere and to take action BEFORE damage occurs: RLE Technologies’ SeaHawk Leak Detection. This innovative product line – priced perfectly for any sized facility – will be your 24/7 sentry for any type of conductive fluid leak and proactively take action or alert staff members who can then act quickly.

     Watch the video above to learn more about this highly cost effective, made in the USA answer to fluid damage.

Passive RFID TagsRFID Tag

Passive RFID tags utilize a handheld scanner to collect asset information.  This batch scanning method is accurate down to the shelf level and can collect information in seconds.

Each tag is small enough to fit on a blade server and best of all, they do not require any battery changes!  This will keep your asset management system in place for years and avoid additional costs after installation.

 Battery Monitoring
Battery CabinetBy Cellwatch

Over 75% of unplanned power outages can be attributed to battery failures.  Batteries can begin to fail in as little as two days.  Testing them semi-annually or even quarterly will still leave your UPS vulnerable to battery failures.

Cellwatch produces daily reports of the status of your batteries. With a Battery Monitoring System, a failing battery can be quickly diagnosed and replaced before it drains the remaining “good” batteries in the string, saving you money.

Facility Monitoring

Facility Monitoring Bird's Eye
Facility monitoring systems will collect information from everywhere in your data center(s) and consolidate it into a web interface, for your viewing pleasure.

These systems can range be bulky and comprehensive or sleak and simple, depending on your taste. Every system is fully scalable and vender agnostic. They can also incorporate every monitoring system mentioned above!

For more information on any of the offerings above, please visit our Monitoring Systems product page on our website. 

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Facility Monitoring System