February 2014

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February 2014
Volume 2 Issue 2       
10kVA to 2MW
3 Phase UPS

Designing and choosing a 3-Phase UPS for your data center can be overwhelming.  Many brands are available with even more styles and sizes to choose from.  If your data center relies on a UPS at all times, let us guide you in the right direction.

Johnston Technologies has been in the data center industry for 25 years.  Our experienced sales team listens to what each customer needs and is ready to design a custom solution that will ensure the most reliable and affordable solution.

In an industry that allows for zero downtime, does selling the same UPS brand and size to every customer really make sense?  Not to us, and it shouldn’t to you.

Single Phase

400VA to 18kVA Single Phase UPS

Johnston Technologies offers a variety of brands of single-phase products. Our products can provide anywhere from 400VA to 18kVA of clean, network-grade power and can feature line-interactive or double-conversion on-line topologies.  These single-phase products can also be utilized as a primary or redundant unit.

We offer different sizes of single-phase UPSs in both rack or tower installations.  If you are looking for something specific, let us know!

Flywheel UPS Flywheel


High power, reliability, and efficiency is what a flywheel UPS brings to a data center.  With these solutions, you have the option to remove batteries completely from the data center environment or keep them and help extend their life.

Flywheels provide high power in short discharges by storing kinetic energy.  For longer run-times, units can be paralleled together.

Spare Parts Kits

We like to compare spare parts kits to spare tires for your car.  In case of an emergency, it is always beneficial to have a spare tire to immediately replace the blow out.  Without it, you are stuck on the side of the road waiting for AAA, and what if it’s raining?

Depending on the UPS, we can offer up to 4 varying sizes of spare parts kits.  If a part is needed out of the kit, we will order a replacement part (just like you would have done without one) and replace it within your kit.  While this new part is processing and shipping, your unit is online and you have effectively reduced your Mean Time to Repair.

For more information on any of the offerings above, please visit our Uninterruptible Power Supplies product page on our website. 

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Johnston Technologies provides our customers with data center infrastructure that operates at peak efficiency and maximum security, with zero downtime.
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