August 2013

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September 2013
Volume 1 Issue 5   
Maintenance Contracts

Johnston Technologies provides maintenance contracts for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), Air Conditioners, Power Management Modules (PMMs) and Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

All maintenance contracts are able to be upgraded to either a 4 hour or 8 hour on-site response time. Standard response times for each contract are next-business day or sooner. Each contract comes with one unit and two battery Preventive Maintenance (PM) visits performed by an experienced< Field Service Technician. 7×24 scheduling upgrades are also available for each contract.

  Service Contracts

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     Spare parts kits for UPSs are similar to spare tires for your car.  If you were to get a flat while driving, it saves time to have a spare tire on hand to replace the flat tire instead of waiting for a tow truck or someone to bring a replacement tire to your location.

     Spare parts kits allow for speedy recoveries in downtime situations.  We would be able to replace the malfunctioning part(s) the same day we diagnosed the problem.  Without spare parts kits, we would have to order a replacement part, wait for it to arrive and then replace it.  We would then order another replacement to replace the part we just used out of the kit.

     This process improves uptime for the UPS and the data center.  Don’t get stuck on the side of the road, order a spare parts kit for your UPS today!
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Johnston Technologies provides our customers with data center infrastructure that operates at peak efficiency and maximum security, with zero downtime.
UPS System Maintenance