April 2014


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  April 2014  
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Racks from Johnston Technologies
Johnston Technologies offers wide varieties of racks to adapt to any IT environment’s needs. Securing servers and Telco equipment properly will protect it from any unnecessary damage caused by staff.
2 Post

These open framed racks allow unrestricted airflow to IT equipment and are a low-cost solution when security is not a main concern. They provide quick and easy access to both the IT equipment and cabling. Two post racks are most commonly coupled with networking and telecommunication equipment.

4 Post

Four-post racks easily integrate with strip PDUs unlike the two post. Four-post racks are ideal for servers, networking equipment, and telecom equipment. Therefore, the four-post racks are an easy solution for small to medium-sized data centers where security and airflow management are not main concerns.

Enclosure racks are ideal for managing airflow in and out of the rack and reducing security threats. These highly customizable solutions can accommodate high density servers, such as blade servers, conventional servers and networking equipment.  Enclosures are perfect for medium to large sized data centers.


     We also sell accessories for racks that will improve exhaust air disposal, cable management, and rack security.  Each rack can be customized to fit that data center’s needs.  Blanking panels, cable trays on top of the rack or security doors that will only allow authorized personnel into the enclosure will help ensure your data center is efficient and secure.  Don’t forget to ask us about hot or cold aisle containment systems if you think you’re paying too much for AC units to cool the entire room.


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Johnston Technologies provides our customers with data center infrastructure that operates at peak efficiency and maximum security, with zero downtime.


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