2014 Q4

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October 2014
Volume 2 Issue 6


By Upsite Technologies

Upsite Technologies has brought a quick and simple solution to cold-aisle containment systems.  Click the link above to view a video of how simple and quick it is to install AisleLok.

Galaxy VM

By Schneider Electric

The Galaxy VM by Schneider Electric is a highly efficient UPS that seamlessly integrates into any medium data center, industrial, or facilities application.

VMs are built to easily deploy into electrical, physical, and monitoring environments and offer either hot swappable or traditional VRLA batteries.  VMs can be ordered in either 180 or 225kVA size units but can parallel five units for redundancy and four for capacity (up to 900kVA).

Learn more about the Galaxy VM by visiting the interactive 3D brochure on our website!
Find out if you are at risk of not being NFPA 1 Chapter 52 compliant by filling out our short 6 question survey.

Project: Hot-Aisle Containment 

New Case Study

    Our new case study features a data center renovation for a large Nashville retailer.  Two hot-aisle containment pods were designed to handle the cooling demands of high density racks while maintaining thermal neutrality to the existing room-based cooling.

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