Johnston Technologies strives to provide the best equipment possible for the lowest price. When it comes to 3-phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), we pride ourselves on offering as many options as we can to our customers in order to achieve a successful back-up power system for IT environments. Our custom solutions have kept us in business since 1989 and are always improving.

Hot Swappable

Our hot swappable 3-phase UPSs are quickly developing into the popular choice among our customers. They range in size and scalability from 10kVA to 2MW. These UPSs feature internal, hot swappable VRLA batteries, Power Modules and Intelligence Modules that any IT personnel can replace. The hot swappable feature not only decreases maintenance costs but also can be designed with built-in n+1 redundancy.

Another prominent feature with the hot swappable UPSs is scalability. Scaling power and run-time as demand grows will cut initial costs that might have included sizing the UPS for future expansion. Now, once the data center grows the UPS grows with it.

Each UPS is built with an LCD display located on the front of each machine. Data center personnel will be able to check any status alarms or reports from the front of the UPS. These units also allow remote management of the machine over the network, preventing multiple trips to the actual unit by sending alarms and reports to certain IT personnel.


Traditional UPSs utilize battery cabinets with external battery cells. These UPSs offer affordable 3-phase power in any number of configurations or sizes and are among the most common UPSs already installed in data centers.

Traditional UPSs offer a wide array of options of remote manageability and monitoring to front LCD displays. Different maintenance zones can be achieved in differing units as well. Some UPSs utilize full front access maintenance clearance and some offer front and side or even rear. Differing input and output voltages can be designed for data centers as well as differing online topologies. Each option can be tailored to specific data center environments with specific needs.

Symmetra MW UPS

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