Flywheel Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) are unique solutions for providing back-up power in data centers.  These systems specialize in high-power, short discharge situations.  The flywheel works by storing kinetic energy which will then become the first line of defense in a power outage.  These UPSs maintain a high reliability and if used in conjunction with a battery powered UPS, can save the batteries from cycling during a brief outage.  Preventing the batteries from cycling will prolong the life of the UPS’s batteries and can save the customer money.

The standard flywheel UPS can save data centers money by eliminating the need for batteries, battery replacements and battery maintenance.  If longer run-time is desired, the flywheel UPSs can be paralleled together or setup in an N+1 topology.

The hybrid flywheel UPS works in conjunction with batteries.  The hybrid UPS will still provide immediate relief during any power outage without using the batteries.  However, if a power outage lasts longer than expected, then the flywheel will gradually “walk in” the batteries to provide the extra time.  This will also help reduce the footprint in data centers that have multiple battery cabinets.

Both of these flywheel UPSs can be fully integrated with any facility monitoring system already in place.  For the hybrid, the batteries can be monitored as well.


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Flywheel UPS

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