Load Banking

700kW Load BankJohnston Technologies provides a load banking testing service for any size generator, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), or Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Our primary options for load banking services include resistive load banks and DC load banks. Our resistive load banks are used for generators and UPS systems, while our DC load banks are used in testing battery systems.

The resistive load banks generate loading that simulates the actual resistive loads of lighting and servers or other heat sources. This process will not only test the UPS without interrupting power to running servers, but will also be able to test the generator. This service is required in most situations by the end-consumer, but is a valuable tool that can be utilized by contractors and engineers as well.

Load bank meterCombining the load banks with our Fluke Power Quality Analyzer will provide you or your client with an in-depth analysis of how the unit performed. Among the capabilities of this meter are the ability to perform load and efficiency studies.

Ensuring reliability and safety of mission-critical equipment is necessary when establishing power systems in data centers. Most of the cost of data centers originates from the servers.  Assuming that the backup systems for these servers will handle the load properly is an unnecessary risk that could end up costing our customers a lot of money.

Load bank meter

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