Battery Replacements

Over 75% of unplanned power outages can be attributed to a battery failure. These battery failures can happen over the course of two or more weeks or as little as two days. Once a single battery begins to fail, it begins to compromise the rest of the batteries in that string. Pretty soon after, more batteries begin to fail. After 10% of the batteries fail, replacing all of the batteries becomes necessary.

Preventing the need for battery replacement is impossible. However, monitoring the batteries daily will not only help prolong the life of the batteries in the string by removing failing ones as soon as they fail, but also give you the information necessary to prevent a power outage.  Read more about our Cellwatch Battery Monitoring System.

If a battery monitoring system isn’t right for your data center, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly preventive maintenance (PM) visits will provide you with a report on the health of the batteries. A problem with exclusively PM visits is what happens to the batteries during the interim between PMs. Remember, a battery can fail in as little as two days.

The life span of a VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) battery depends on several variables that can either increase or decrease the number of years the battery will last. Some factors include: ambient temperature, number of discharges the batteries experience, connection between the battery and terminals, and many more. We recommend budgeting for a battery replacement of the entire system every 4-5 years.  This proactive recommendation will help maintain the highest reliability for the UPS.

To ensure the highest quality service, make sure that the technicians replacing the batteries are IEEE 1657 trained. IEEE 1657 is a safety training program on lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries for their installation and maintenance in a DC current. This training ensures that replacing the batteries is done safely and correctly, eliminating much of the risk involved with battery replacements.

Battery Recycling

The batteries we order for our customers are of the highest quality and as cost effective as possible.  Johnston Technologies adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency regulations for disposal of the old batteries.  Up to 98% of the lead and plastic composition of each battery will be recycled to ensure we play a part in sustaining our environment. We will certify and report after recycling that we adhered to every government regulation.

Battery Replacement

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