Johnston Technologies provides many options for enclosure racks. Enclosure racks are ideal for managing airflow in and out of the rack and reducing security threats. These solutions can accommodate high density servers, such as blade servers, conventional servers and networking equipment.

Door Options

The amount of power draw in each rack of a medium to large-sized Data Center can differ dramatically.  Therefore, different enclosure racks are better suited for certain situations.  For example, a customer with a rack that is not pulling a lot of power might still need to protect the equipment in the rack from unauthorized personnel.

We would recommend purchasing their enclosure rack with a key-entry, lockable front and back door.  This solution would help secure their equipment by only allowing authorized personnel to the contents of the rack.

With data centers quickly switching all of their servers to high density “blade” servers, airflow in and out of the rack is becoming vital to maintaining proper protection against overheating IT equipment.  Johnston Technologies offers a unique door solution that can manage cold-air entering and exiting an enclosure.

These solutions not only protect the equipment in the rack but also return up to 35kW of cooling back to the data center and prevent recirculation of hot-air to an adjacent rack.  These doors feature server fans that draw air into the rack and through the equipment.  The air is then cooled by a liquid-filled rear door coil system and returned back into the Data Center.  These racks are complimented by a Coolant Distribution Unit which monitors the cooled water throughout the closed loop environment.

Containment Options

Hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment are solutions designed to isolate high density areas in a Data Center.  Hot-aisle containment returns the hot-air exhausted from IT equipment into a contained area.  The hot-air is then removed from the contained area and returned to the cooling units in the Data Center.

This solution eliminates re-circulation of hot-air into the Data Center, therefore, increasing efficiencies from the cooling units used to cool the room and ensuring only cold-air is entering the IT equipment.

Cold-aisle containment is essentially the opposite of hot-aisle containment.  With the cold-air being isolated from the Data Center into the containment area, the cooling units can distribute less cold-air to the front of the IT equipment.  The hot exhaust air is then returned to the Data Center and cooling units to be cooled and re-circulated back into the containment area.

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