Aisle Containment

Hot-Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle Contaiment TransparentHot-aisle containment systems are designed to trap exhaust air from the back of a server and either distribute it back to the CRAC or recycle it to the front of the rack by utilizing in-row cooling units.

The solution involving the CRAC will help save on energy bills by reducing the amount of cold air needed to cool the room.  By containing the hot air, you eliminate any hot air mixing with the cold air in the room.  Naturally, this lowers the temperature in your data center and reduces the CRAC’s demand.

The in-row cooling unit solution eliminates the need for a CRAC altogether by recycling the hot exhaust air back to the front of the servers.  These solutions also save on energy costs by utilizing variable speed fans to determine the amount of cold air needed in real time.  The busier the servers get, the harder the in-row AC’s work.  No longer will you need to run a CRAC at full speed when your data center is at it’s slowest.

Cold-Aisle Containment

AisleLok_Config_9Cold-aisle containment solutions trap cold air from the CRAC or in-row cooling unit in front of the servers.  These solutions ensure each server in the row has the same temperature intake.

Collecting the cold air with angled baffles and bi-directional doors will enhance your data center’s efficiency by reducing hot spots and preventing hot air recirculation. These modular, rapid deployments provide a cost effective containment solution fit for any data center with a cold and hot aisle design.

If used in the hot-aisle as well, the bi-directional doors and vertical baffles can help direct the exhaust air back to the AC units.  These vertical baffles further reduce hot air from recirculating with the cold air by creating an 18″ barrier.

The video below demonstrates how simple and fast it is to install an Aislelok™ solution:


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