With our many rack offerings come different rack accessories. Our rack accessories help identify hot spots, prevent air mixing, prevent rat’s nests, maintain underfloor static pressure, and many other problems existing in the data center environment.

These solutions are simple and cost-effective. They can easily be implemented and start alleviating issues as soon as they are installed.

Blanking PanelsBlanking panels are a low-cost solution to increasing inefficiencies inside of an enclosure rack. These panels block cold or hot air from re-circulating inside a rack. Blanking Panels are easily clipped on to open spaces on any rack and ensure the cold air intended for the IT equipment is getting to the front of the equipment and not being sucked through the rack to the rear. Using blanking panels on the rear of the rack ensures hot exhaust air is exhausted into the correct area of the aisle and not filtering back through the rack to the front of the IT equipment. The use of blanking panels is highly recommended and very cost-effective.
Cable ManagementCable management in a rack is essential to eliminating the hot exhaust air from the rear of the rack. Many options are available for rack cable management and for cable management above or below the rack. Cable trays and ladders contain wires running to and from racks in an aisle to their intended destination.

Trays are available with options of separating power cables, fiber cables, and communication cables in a single tray. This not only reduces the clutter that can form from hundreds of unorganized wires above or below an aisle but also provides a sleek look to the data center.

Other cable management options are located on or near the rack itself. Attaching vertical or horizontal cable organizers to a rack will neatly manage the cables that plug directly into the IT equipment, saving time and expense when switching cables. These also allow the hot exhaust air from the equipment to be properly returned to its intended area.

hotlok_temp_strip_highUpsite Technologies’ HotLok Temperature Strip is liquid crystal thermometer with an acrylic self-adhesive backing that quickly and accurately measures the air-intake temperature. The Temperature Strip accurately reports if the air-intake temperature is within the acceptable ASHRAE limits to within +/- 1°C.
koldlokBrush guards are simple solutions for maintaining proper air pressure in a raised floor, Data Center environment. These guards allow for cables to enter or exit the Data Center from below the raised floor while helping keep the proper air pressure.

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