Prefabricated Data Center Modules

Johnston Technologies newest product is an all-in-one, prefabricated data center. These prefabricated data centers include the entire data center physical infrastructure in a fire-rated and weather proof shipping container. Pre-engineered and built, the prefabricated data centers from Schneider Electric allow customers to drop ship in a data center environment to anywhere in the world . From limited building/office space to military operations to remote areas (such as oil rigs), the applications these prefabricated data centers can be deployed for is limitless.

Furthermore, the design of these products are fully scalable and allow for future growth on-site. Deploying the prefabricated data centers will realize revenue or production sooner and reduce risk.

The SmartShelter Container can be purchased in 16, 32, 48, 90, or 120kW sized containers. The 16-90kW containers features a centralized hot-air return system and external air handling systems while the 120kW container features InRow CW cooling.

The 16kW containers are designed for 4 racks while the 120kW are designed with 14. All are integrated with StruxureWare preinstalled to provide real-time monitoring of your data center.

The SmartShelter Data Hall provides 465kW or 500kW of data center power infrastructure. The 465kW Data Hall is designed with 102 racks, natural free cooling, and modular distribution. The 500kW is designed for 97 racks, perimeter CW cooling and modular distribution, also.

Similarly to the SmartShelter Containers, the Data Halls have StruxureWare included with the design to allow for real-time monitoring.


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