In-Row PDUs

In-row Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are fully scalable power solutions for data centers. These units allow for easy expansion of power management in each row of the data center and have the agility of installing within minutes. With the possibility of multiple PDUs located within the rows of a data center, purchasing for future expansion is eliminated. When expansion does occur, simply buy additional in-row PDUs that meet the upcoming power distribution demand. Power management has never been easier and can be further simplified by monitoring these units through a Facility Monitoring System.


Each in-row PDU can have up to 72 poles and 277kVA of three-phase power distribution. These PDUs can be equipped with an isolation transformer. These transformers give the ability of certain input voltages to be stepped down to the output voltage compatible with the equipment in the row.


Remote Power Panels offer up to 42 poles and 168 output breaker expansion to any existing PDU system. RPPs can be installed in side-to-side or back-to-back configurations. Like the PDU, these products feature a LCD display on the unit that will allow personnel visuals of any alarms on the unit, system parameters, and operations within the unit.


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