Security Monitoring Systems

Camera Systems


Surveillance recording is critical in data center and other high security environments. Being able to view who accessed a critical environment, at what time, and what they did provides a level of comfort for customers who make security a top priority.

Johnston Technologies provides state-of-the-art camera security systems that allow our customers to eliminate that threat while also allowing them to scale in size and design as you go. Our camera system can either be integrated into building management systems utilizing our rack-mounted monitoring options or into any other building management system directly. Our cameras utilize up to 100 degree field of view and Power over Ethernet.

Our Schneider Electric rack-mounted security system provides an option for the customer for all-in-one security and environmental monitoring options to pair with your camera system. Our rack-mounted monitoring allows you to add up to four cameras, a leak detection system (either large scale or more local), rack access control, and other security sensors that help protect your environment on only one IP Address!

Rack Access

Rack Access

Rack access control is vital in data centers. Johnston Technologies’ rack access control prevents any unauthorized entry into Netshelter racks and can also trigger surveillance recording upon detection. Our network appliances enable remote and local access control, as well as, proximity card registrations to specific people.

The rack access controls can be configured in 125kHz or 13.56MHz which allow for flexible solutions based on the customer needs. The controls are designed to integrate with the Netbotz 250 rack monitoring device and include a temperature and humidity sensor.


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