Leak Detection

Johnston Technologies offers a unique and powerful way of analyzing liquid leaks within a data center. With most data center’s running water in and out of the room from their air handling units, discovering a leak that can potentially harm expensive equipment is vital to any data center’s uptime.

The Leak Detection Monitoring System can help pinpoint when and where a leak has occurred, reducing mean time to repair. The reduction in mean time to repair can prove vital in protecting any equipment from further damage.

The Plenum rated leak detection cable utilizes electric resistance to discover leaks of any conductive fluid as quickly as they occur. The cable then feeds an LCD panel that can be accessed by a software program which will alert any data center manager or IT professional where a leak is occurring within the data center.

RLE’s Leak Detection Monitoring System can detect a leak in only seconds. This allows for swift and precise decisions on how to fix the problem and where it is. After the cable has been laid and cleaned, we take foot markings and insert them into an electronic visual of the data center floor plan. This visual will be the main program that will discover and alert for leaks within the data center. It is fully customizable and individual the data center by utilizing their exact floor plan.

Watch this video to see the leak detection cable in action!


Conductive Fluid Sensing CableSense-Cable1 Chemical Sensing CableCHEM-CABLE
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Leak Detection Cable

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