Johnston Technologies is a certified Generac generator reseller for Nashville and the surrounding areas. We have provided generators for many of the local residents and businesses of our community.

With the Middle Tennessee area susceptible to tornadoes, flooding, and ice, keeping our community safe is important to us.  Power outages in our area can last from only a few minutes up to a few days, as we saw during the historical flooding in 2010. During these times, residents with generators are able to not only keep their food fresh by putting their refrigerator and freezer on generator power but also stay warm during freezing conditions. Having the power on during powerful storms will also allow a resident to keep track of the storm in case of power disruption, possibly saving his or her life.

Generac’s residential generator sizes range from 6kW to 60kW. The four different brands of residential generators by Generac include Guardian, CorePower, QuietSource and EcoGen. After installation, we will instruct each customer on how to operate and properly maintain their generator.  Schedule an in-home consultation today and learn more about how a residential generator solution will work for your home.

Generac’s commercial generators range from 22kW to 150kW.  These generators are liquid cooled as opposed to the air-cooled residential generators.  The three different brands of commercial generators include the Commercial Series, QuietSource Series and Mobile Power Generators Series.

View all of Generac’s offers at their website.

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