Diesel Rotary

Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies (DRUPS) are innovative solutions for data centers.  These units eliminate the need for a standby generator and batteries, common in backup power solutions, by utilizing an all-in-one diesel engine system.

The elimination of batteries from backup power solutions saves money in battery replacements every few years.  Furthermore, the risk of losing power and dropping load due to failing batteries is eliminated.

By reducing the number of components in a backup power solution, the reliability of the system increases.

System Components

DRUPS consist of five main sections:

  • Generator
  • Induction Coupling
  • Free-Wheel Clutch
  • Diesel Engine
  • Reactor (or Choke)

The generator supplies reactive power to the load and works together with the reactor as an active filter.  During a power outage, the generator supplies power to the critical load.

The induction coupling stores enough power in an inner rotor to allow for a successful transfer of power to the diesel engine.  The outer rotor accelerates the inner rotor by utilizing a two-pole, three-phase winding.

The free-wheel clutch will wait until the diesel engine reaches the speed of the induction coupling and generator before engaging automatically.  The diesel engine will then drive the induction coupling and generator.

The diesel engine will begin to speed up once the utility power shuts off.  While it is in this process, the induction coupling will provide the needed power to the critical load.

System Configurations

DRUPS can be configured to protect any facility in a multiple of ways.  The different configurations give facility and IT managers the option for added protection to mission-critical equipment.  All configurations utilize a line-interactive system and run parallel with the utility power.  The different configuration possibilities are:

  • Parallel Redundant
  • Master-Slave
  • Cross-Link
  • Isolated-Parallel
  • Isolated-Redundant
  • Distributed Redundant

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PowerPro 2700

The new standard in Continuous power, the PowerPro 2700 from Hitec features:

  • Lowest Possible TCO
  • Greatest Reliability and Uptime
  • Highest Available System Efficiency
  • Unrivaled Monitoring and Reporting
  • Rapid and Straightforward Installation
  • Intuitive Control and Operation
  • Compact Footprint, Highest Power Density
  • A Sustainable and Battery-Free Solution
Hitech Diesel Generator

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