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Most commonly found in today’s data centers are room air conditioning (AC) units.  These units are larger than the in-row AC units but can have a much higher cooling capacity.  Johnston Technologies also offers an array of AC units that can be designed in an up-flow or down-flow chilled water system, as well as, utilizing chilled water, glycol, or air heat removal methods.

Room air conditioners work by having exhaust air enter either the top or bottom of the unit, depending on design.  The cold air can be returned to the data center either below a raised floor or by an above row air distribution system.  The room AC works in conjunction with other condensers and pumps located elsewhere in the building to effectively remove the hot air by transferring the heat to a liquid.  The liquid is then cooled and returned to the AC unit.


Depending on the type of cooling system the data center deploys, Johnston Technologies can offer a room AC that can cool up to 353kW of heat capacity.  These units can be installed in a variety of redundant designs.  This redundancy will help keep the data center cool during maintenance or other AC downtime from one unit.


The room AC units have a dedicated IP address and can be monitored without needing a server.  These units also feature a control panel located on the front of each unit that will report any alarms.  This control panel can also be used to set the desired room temperature.

With these AC units running multiple pipes containing some kind of liquid, Johnston Technologies highly suggests investing in a leak detection system that will help monitor the condition of the pipes around expensive equipment.

To read more on how a leak detection system will help protect your data center, read our article on leak detection here.

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