In-Row AC

Chilled Water

In-row chilled water air conditioning (AC) units are fully scalable cooling solutions for data centers. These units are strategically placed in areas where they can effectively take in the exhaust air from the hot-aisle and then distribute it evenly to the front of the servers. Using this strategy, data centers can reduce the amount of air mixing between the rows. These units also reduce or increase the temperature of inlet air reaching the front of the servers based on the current amount of power draw from the server.

With the possibility of multiple in-row chilled water AC units located within the rows of a data center, purchasing for future expansion is eliminated. When expansion does occur, simply buy additional in-row AC units that meet the upcoming power demand. Chilled water management has never been easier and can be further simplified by monitoring these units through a Facility Monitoring System.

The in-row chilled water AC units can cool up to 70kW of heat capacity, making them ideal for high-density and hot-aisle or cold-aisle containment areas.

Pumped Refrigerant

In-row pumped refrigerant AC units are very similar to the chilled water AC units in that they are fully modular and scalable units that are placed in the row of the data center. They remove exhaust air right at the source, eliminating air mixing as well.

The main difference between the two is that pumped refrigerant units utilize refrigerant instead of the chilled water. Also, they are sized a little smaller and do not cool as dense of an area. The in-row refrigerant pumped AC units allow up to 27kW of cooling per unit.

Another difference in the two in-row units is that the pumped refrigerant units have an overhead design as well as the in-row design. This overhead design will remove heat from the two adjacent hot-aisles while pumping cool air into the cold-aisle.

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