Below is a list of the products and services Johnston Technologies offers.


3-Phase UPSSingle-Phase, Three-Phase, Flywheel and Spare Part Kits

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) page is where you can find our different products for protecting and cleaning the power coming into the data center.  These battery systems can be configured to fit the individual needs of any IT environment.  Johnston Technologies also offers monitoring systems for our UPSs as well as battery replacements and maintenance service contracts.

For further information on any of our UPS offerings, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives.

Monitoring Systems

MonitoringBattery, Leak Detection, Facility Monitoring Systems, and RFID
Monitoring power, cooling, water, batteries and much more can be achieved through Johnston Technologies’ monitoring systems.  These monitoring systems can range from simple to complex, depending on the need of the customer.  These systems are designed to aid IT personnel with maintaining, controlling, and reporting critical operations inside the data center.

Be sure to read some of our case studies to find more information about our successful monitoring system installations.


Thermographic ImageThermography Scanning, Maintenance Contracts, Load Banking and Battery Replacements
The Johnston Technologies’ service department has grown into more than just offering maintenance service contracts to customers.  Our service team can now assist customers with thermography scanning, load banking and battery replacements.  All of these services help our customers maintain their equipment at peak efficiency.

Our skilled group of IEEE1657 trained employees have the experience required when working and maintaining expensive and dangerous equipment.

Power Distribution

Power Management ModuleRoom, In-Row and Rack PDUs
Visit our Power Distribution Unit product page and learn about our three different types of PDUs: room, in-row, and rack.  With different ways of distributing power throughout the data center, Johnston Technologies can help decide which route is best in any situation.  Each project presents its own unique solution that can be solved through careful planning and experience.

All our products are factory tested to ensure our customers they are receiving the highest quality product available.


4 Post Rack2 Post, 4 Post, Enclosures, Accessories, and Containment
Our rack page is where you will find the different racks and rack offerings to secure IT equipment.  Securing servers and Telco equipment properly will protect it from any unnecessary damage caused by staff.  Johnston Technologies offers wide varieties of racks to adapt to any IT environment’s needs.

Visit our rack product page to learn more about how Johnston Technologies can help solve your data center needs.


In-Row ACIn-Row and Room Air Conditioning
As power demands increase with the high-density server trends, cooling has never been more important in data centers today.  These cooling solutions give customers the flexibility of designing a cooling solution that will grow and shift with their data center power consumption.

View our air conditioning product offers and if you have any questions contact our sales representatives for further information.


StarNet Wire Management System

Raised Access Floor, Security Cages, Air Flow Panels
Johnston Technologies offers turnkey flooring and cleaning solutions for data center environments. Our products and services range from simple flooring cleaning to live data center floor replacements.

Emergency Power Generation

Generators and Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Emergency power will keep valuable equipment from failing at their most vulnerable time.  No one can predict when a power outage or natural disaster will occur.  With Johnston Technologies’ emergency power generation offerings, we will ensure that you are the most prepared you can be for when the unthinkable occurs.

Prefabricated Data Centers

SmartShelterPrefabricated Data Center Modules
Pre-engineered and built, the prefabricated data centers from Schneider Electric allow customers to drop ship in a data center environment to anywhere in the world . From limited building/office space to military operations to remote areas (such as oil rigs), the applications these prefabricated data centers can be deployed for is limitless.

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