As important as the access floor tiles themselves are the equipment and design of the understructure beneath them.  ASM’s state of the art product line offers a secure and cost effective solution that can be used in both data center and office space configurations.

quick-locASM offers a patent pending Quick-Loc pedestal that supports both the flange and the beam of access floor panels.  The one of a kind design transfers the entire load of the panel to the center axis of the pedestal, which is then transferred directly down the center column.  These panels eliminate any rocking that might occur with a standard flat head pedestal.


A Corner-Lock system is designed specifically for the fully integrated, locking systems required when mounting equipment to access floor.  More generally, carpeted raised floor in office spaces.  Combined with Rigid Grid stringers (see below), the Corner-Lock product adds strength and support while securing the corners of the panel to the pedestal system.

rigidgridASM’s Rigid Grid stringers are hot dipped galvanized, to prevent the equipment from shorting out from zinc whiskering.  They come in both 2 foot and 4 foot lengths, which allow for both standard and basketweave installations.  Rigid Grid’s unique solid tube design will not to bow or spread during load impacts.  This design differs from the traditional U-shaped stringer.

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