Security Cages

Security Cages have been useful in many different operating environments. Johnston Technologies has seen them in data centers, as well as, industrial, commercial, and government applications. The need for higher security grows by the day. Adding a security cage can help ease the installation costs and designing that comes with higher security, while maintaining existing lighting, air, and permanent fixtures in an area.

Qwik-Fence is a galvanized wire partition that separates secure locations in any space. These easy to install products are welded at each intersection to provide a strong and economical solution for any environment.They are versatile enough to install in most locations due to their woven wire partitions that can be cut to fit without unraveling. This allows the installer to custom fit this solution onsite.

With a bright steel finish, these attractive solutions work great in office and production environments. They also are able to be powder coated to match an color preference you many have!

The Wov-N-Wire product is our more standard enclosure system, and is more often seen. This product, like the Qwik-Fence, is also easy to install because of it’s modular component system. This design allows for the product to remain economical while providing a durable and strong protection.

Wov-N-Wire partitions are 10-gauge steel wire, woven into a 1-1/2″ diamond mesh. They can reach as high as 25 feet. The partition doors are pre-hung and are easily disassembled and re-configurable.

The most robust of the product line is the Saf-T-Fence posts, panels, and doors. These modular systems provide greater security, strength, and flexibility than the previous lines.

This product utilizes 10-gauge welded wire mesh with 1-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ grid openings that are welded to 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 14-gauge steel angle frames. The Saf-T-Fence is a great alternative to building permanent walls. It provides many of the same security features while allowing you to maintain all of your lighting and air circulation needs.


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