A regular cleaning schedule is as crucial for data center managers as scheduling regular maintenance on critical equipment.  Maintaining a clean data center is an important decision to prolonging the life of your equipment and safety of your staff.

Johnston Technologies’ comprehensive cleaning service and service contracts will help maintain the integrity and safety of your data center.  Our trained technicians have decades of combined experience in data center environments and our different contract offers are available to suit any data environment’s needs, large or small.

Our customer’s depend on us to keep their data center up and running.  Some, but not all, of the cleaning services we provide are listed below:

  • HEPA (filter standard) vacuum the floor surface with emphasis on cleaning under equipment cabinets
  • Clean the floor tile surface and edges.
  • Damp wipe the surface dust and hand prints off cabinets.
  • Gently lift and shift floor cables to thoroughly HEPA vacuum the plenum.
  • Hand wipe down entire underfloor plenum.
  • Thoroughly inspect underfloor plenum area for contraband, penetrations, loose wiring, water/fire detectors, and report findings. Hand pick trash and wire cuttings from the under floor plenum.
  • Adjust floor-leveling understructure as required.
  • Provide written report with observations, keyed to specific locations on the floor layout.

Our HEPA vacuum is our most important piece of equipment as it is used to prevent recirculation of particles into the data environment.   We also make sure to use water and microfiber cloths in order to maintain the equipment’s integrity.

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