Air Flow Panels

Air flow panels are important pieces that help deliver the cold air produced from the air conditioner to the intake on the front of a server.  The more free open area a panel has, the more Volume of Air Flow (C.F.M.) the panel allows.  Carefully planning where, how many, and what kind of panels your data center needs will help increase the efficiency of the data center.

AF500-Pic TransASM’s Aluminum Accel-Air Grate AF500 features a 56% open area and an optional damper system to help maintain the static pressure of the floor. The AF500’s are light weight solutions that are perfect for creating data center cold aisles. They are available in both raw casting or powder coated epoxy finishes.
IMG_1065 TransAnother option is ASM’s AF250 perforated steel panel. This panel has a 25% free area and has an option of a damper system, as well. These panels are Class A Flame Spread rated and are made of non-combustible materials. These panels are interchangeable with both FS-Series and S-Series panels.

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