Air Flow Panels

Air flow panels are important pieces that help deliver the cold air produced from the air conditioner to the intake on the front of a server.  The more free open area a panel has, the more Volume of Air Flow (C.F.M.) the panel allows.  To further help increase efficiency and minimize costs, Tate’s line of airflow panels utilize directional dampers that allow for control over both the direction and volume of airflow.

Tate offers six different options in terms of airflow panels that can drop perfectly into any data center application. The two main differentiators are between the aluminum and steel panels.

DirectAire Tate’s DirectAire® AL aluminum air grate features a 93% Capture Index means that 93% of the airflow delivered through the panel is available at the front of the server rack. This Capture Index is the industry leading airflow panel by offering the highest cooling capacity and energy efficiency.

Perforated Airflow

Tate’s DirectAire® is similar to the aluminum are grate but is a welded steel panel. The steel panel allows for additional weight, registering at a 2,500lb design load performance. Similar to the DirectAire® AL, it achieves a 93% Capture Index.


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