Access Floor

While selecting an access or raised floor panel that will work best for your application, be sure you consider the ultimate load capacity of each panel.  According to the CISCA, the ultimate load is considered the most important test because it indicates the point of failure or collapse of the individual panel.

ConCoreThe ConCore access floor panels are concrete filled, welded steel panels that perform under the most rigorous ultimate or dynamic loads. Finished with a powder coat epoxy, these panels are extremely quiet and are used in both general office construction, as well as the more popular data center application.

ConCore panels range from 2,000lbs. ultimate load capacity panels to over 6,000lbs. With five options to chose from, we can find the right ConCore panel for your application.

All SteelThe All Steel access floor panels are almost the exact same as the ConCore models. The difference between the two are that the All Steel models are not concrete filled. These panels are also interchangeable with the ConCore panels.

The All Steel has a Minimum Ultimate Load of 2,500lbs and a Rolling Load of 500lbs.

StoneworksTate’s Stoneworks® floor panels are unique panels that integrate both a structural raised floor and finished lamination to give the customer a high-end product that will impress. Available with three finish styles and many more color options, these tiles will incorporate into any environment.

The Stoneworks® tiles also come in three different installation types. These range from a Minimum Ultimate Load of 1,800lbs or 2,160lbs.

Access Floor

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