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Johnston Technologies offers a variety of data center racks. Our offerings include: Two Pole, Four Pole, Enclosures, and Rack Accessories.

Aisle Containment

Hot-Aisle Containment Hot-aisle containment systems are designed to trap exhaust air from the back of a server and either distribute it back to the CRAC or recycle it to the front of the rack by utilizing in-row cooling units. The solution involving the CRAC will help save on energy bills by reducing the amount of […]

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With our many rack offerings come different rack accessories. Our rack accessories help identify hot spots, prevent air mixing, prevent rat’s nests, maintain underfloor static pressure, and many other problems existing in the data center environment. These solutions are simple and cost-effective. They can easily be implemented and start alleviating issues as soon as they […]

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Johnston Technologies provides many options for enclosure racks. Enclosure racks are ideal for managing airflow in and out of the rack and reducing security threats. These solutions can accommodate high density servers, such as blade servers, conventional servers and networking equipment. Door Options The amount of power draw in each rack of a medium to large-sized […]

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Four Post

Four-post racks are similar to two post racks in that they allow unrestricted airflow, easy access to IT equipment and wiring, and provide a simple, cost-effective solution. However, the four-post racks easily integrate with strip PDUs unlike the two post. Therefore, the four-post racks are an easy solution for small to medium-sized data centers where security is not a main […]

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Two Post

Two post racks are perfect solutions for wiring closets and small-sized data centers. These open framed racks allow unrestricted airflow to IT equipment and are a low-cost solution when security is not a main concern. They provide quick and easy access to both the IT equipment and cabling. The stabilization plates can be mounted either internally or externally […]

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2 Post Rack