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Johnston Technologies offers turnkey access flooring solutions and cleaning services for data center environments


As important as the access floor tiles themselves are the equipment and design of the understructure beneath them.  Tate’s state of the art product line offers a secure and cost-effective solution that can be used in both data center and office space configurations.

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Air Flow Panels

Air flow panels are important pieces that help deliver the cold air produced from the air conditioner to the intake on the front of a server.  The more free open area a panel has, the more Volume of Air Flow (C.F.M.) the panel allows.  To further help increase efficiency and minimize costs, Tate’s line of […]

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Access Floor

While selecting an access or raised floor panel that will work best for your application, be sure you consider the ultimate load capacity of each panel. According to the CISCA, the ultimate load is considered the most important test because it indicates the point of failure or collapse of the individual panel.

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Security Cages

Security Cages have been useful in many different operating environments. Johnston Technologies has seen them in data centers, as well as, industrial, commercial, and government applications. The need for higher security grows by the day. Adding a security cage can help ease the installation costs and designing that comes with higher security, while maintaining existing […]

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A regular cleaning schedule is as crucial for data center managers as scheduling regular maintenance on critical equipment.  Maintaining a clean data center is an important decision to prolonging the life of your equipment and safety of your staff. Johnston Technologies’ comprehensive cleaning service and service contracts will help maintain the integrity and safety of […]

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