Project: Emergency Communications District Data Center


State of TennesseeA State of Tennessee Emergency Communications District (E.C.D.), in a county estimated above 200,000 residents, approved construction for a brand new Emergency Communications Center. Included in the building would be its own medium sized data center.

This building will also host an emergency management department, training facilities, and a call center. The new building is built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions possible in our area.


IMG_0589Johnston Technologies designed three APC/MGE Galaxy 5000’s for this center. In addition to the three uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), they also purchased three power distribution units (PDUs). Two of the UPSs were 130kVA and the remaining, 60kVA. All three units required one full hour of battery runtime.

Each UPS was similar in that all three were paired with a three breaker bypass cabinet and a power management module, or PMM. Likewise, each UPS features a large LCD graphic display and LED status indicators.

Further down the line, we supplied the center with 116 strip PDUs to place in their racks. These PDUs will supply 120V or 208V power to each piece of equipment in the rack.


IMG_0591While the data center is not yet up and functional, our designed power system will bring clean, uninterrupted power to this E.C.D.’s data center. Our UPSs will provide the approved runtime needed to keep their computers functional long enough to survive an outage or to properly shut down the equipment it is protecting. Our PDUs will distribute the incoming power from the UPS to the server racks, and then to the servers.

When maintenance needs to be done, the technician will easily be able to transfer the UPS to maintenance bypass mode. This will allow the technician to safely perform his duties on the unit. While on maintenance bypass, the servers on the load side of the UPS will still receive power from the utility company, until the UPS is switched back into online mode.

Lastly, we commissioned the units to ensure they could withstand the power draw from the data center. This is important to our critical-site customers in order to protect their investment.

IMG_0603The LED display will allow authorized personnel to check the status of the UPS in multiple ways. Now, personnel will be able to check battery runtime, voltage in and out per phase, total load protected by the unit, and much more. Along with the local display, the employee in charge of the UPSs will be able to monitor them locally at their computer.

This same or a similar solution can now be utilized by any Emergency Communications District or E911 center through the State of Tennessee contract. Not only can you buy the products off of the contract, you can also purchase our onsite design, sizing, and installation services on it as well.

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