Live From Nashville

Since the global COVID pandemic began, the need for local news and information has increased dramatically. Local stations must be available for our audiences without interruption. That’s why Nashville NBC affiliate WSMV News4 recently used Johnston Technologies to complete an Uninterruptible Power Supply replacement at two sites.

In early 2020, a powerful tornado ripped through Nashville, causing widespread damage. WSMV News4 used its exclusive real-time Doppler radar to provide lifesaving information to those in the path of the tornado. To ensure its Doppler remains functional during these critical events, WSMV News4 completed a full replacement of its UPS battery backup system, utilizing Johnston Technologies. This new UPS will give WSMV News 4’s Doppler Radar the runtime needed to keep viewers informed during a power outage – even at the site itself. It will also function as a power conditioner to ensure the Doppler equipment receives a clean AC sine wave, free of any voltage sags, lags, spikes, or surges.

WSMV News 4’s main studio also needed to be addressed as the current unit was aging, and its batteries were scheduled for replacement. Johnston Technologies worked with WSMV News 4 engineers and were challenged to replace the existing legacy UPS System while avoiding any extended outages.

WSMV4 opted to use the ultra-efficient, modular Symmetra PX. The Symmetra utilizes a modular battery system that eases battery replacements by a quick disconnect and reconnecting system. The PX will also test the batteries every 12 weeks automatically and provide a report that will state which batteries failed the test and will need to be replaced. Another benefit is the redundancy built in the battery system, the module power module system, and the intelligence module system. The new unit will have a N+1 configuration that will allow for a power module, battery module, or intelligence module failure without causing any shutdown. Instead, it will use the redundant module until a new replacement can be ordered and installed.

Now equipped with the latest technologies and equipment, WSMV News 4 is positioned to stay online during critical times, serving its audiences and communities.

Symmetra PX UPS