Keepin’ It Local

You know, it seems that all too often these days, big businesses are taking over our towns. The little guy just can’t compete with the prices huge companies have negotiated. And although the customer service can’t be beat at local businesses, times are tough, so people opt to wait in long lines to save a buck. But are these big businesses really helping the community?

What do local businesses do outside of work? They volunteer their time in the community. They donate to local causes. They sponsor little league baseball teams. When was the last time you went to your childs ball game and saw jerseys with the Target or Walmart logo on the back? Umm….NEVER.

That said, there is something to be said about keeping it local. Johnston Technologies understands the importance of giving back to the community that supports them. For twenty five years, Johnston Technologies has not only served the Franklin, Nashville, and Middle Tennessee area with the best customer power solutions around, but they have also served their community.

Family owned since 1989, Johnston Technologies believes that their community is part of their family. All their employees are members of various churches and organization in the Franklin and Nashville area. As a whole, employees of Johnston (and that includes the Johnston’s themselves) help build a couple homes each year with Habitat for Humanity, a Christian based organization that believes every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe, affordable home to live in.

Johnston Technologies has also been involved for the past 25 years (since it’s inception, as a matter of fact) with Room in the Inn. Founded by Charles Strobel, it is another Christian based organization which provides shelter to the homeless in our area from November to March. Most recently, the Johnston Technologies team has been aiding the community in a different way as well. The Harpeth River Watershed Association is a group of concerned locals, scientists, etc who devote their time and efforts to preserving and restoring the ecological health of our hometown river so our future generations will be able to enjoy it as much as we do.

You know, I said earlier that the little guy can’t keep up with the large, impersonal  companies. Have you heard the expression, “There is always an exception to the the rule.”? Johnston Technologies is that exception. They are totally local…always have been. The founder raised his children here and now his grandchildren attend the Williamson County schools. BUT, Johnston knows that price is important. By carrying only the best brands in the business and keeping prices down, while at the same time, serving up exceptional hometown service, Johnston Technologies has managed to acquire many large national accounts. But hey, THEY ARE STILL DOWN TO EARTH AND KEEPING IT REAL….KEEPING IT IN THE COMMUNITY…OUR COMMUNITY.

If your local company wants to hire a Strategic Solutions Provider, we understand that price is a factor. It should be. This stuff isn’t cheap. (But it is totally needed.) At the same time, you want to be rest assured you have excellent customer service…that means keeping it local so you can get help right away. And since you are keeping it local, why not really keep it local and help the community. Hire a company like Johnston Technologies, who thinks serving their customers is just as important as serving their community.

JTI Volunteers