What Our Tagline Means

For over 5 years now, Johnston Technologies has sported the tagline, “Acute Data InfraStrategies.” While many in the data center world make the connection to our tagline, we have dozens of customers who do not operate in that environment. We decided to break down our tagline and explain how our company translates this into the different operating environments we often see.

To begin, we chose the word “acute” to categorize the type of solutions we sell. Acute translates to something extremely great or serious. Almost all of our clients have critical equipment or processes that our products support. These acute environments are changing every day. No longer does this word apply to hospitals and government operations that must maintain 100% uptime. We can now apply this to companies that must protect sensitive data, mechanical and chemical processes, refrigeration requirements, and as small as personal desktops.

The “data” portion of our tagline refers to our most precious resource. We are all aware of how critical our data is in today’s world. From personal cellphone data to medical information, our data must be constantly available. This resource is often housed in a data center. Naturally, as the world increases in demand for data, so do our data centers. Our data centers face the threat of being hacked, as well as, losing power. Ensuring maximum uptime is our first priority and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

We end our tagline with the most uncommon word, “InfraStrategies.” We arrived at this word after much thought and discussion. InfraStrategies is how we describe what we do as a company. It is a combination of the words infrastructure and strategies. What does it mean though? Translated, it means that Johnston Technologies provides our customers with customized strategies on how to design and support their infrastructure. Our unique designs make sure that every customer is properly protected, at a low-cost, that fits their exact needs.