Raise the Floor

Raised floor panels are installed in both data center and office space applications.  Finished Floor Height (FFH) up to 18 inches is generally used for office space to utilize the underfloor plenum for a low cost air delivery system and access to the voice/data lines.  FFH above 18 inches is generally used for data centers and installed with bolted stringers for ease of access.   At any height, an access floor can be ordered in various strengths to meet the most rigid engineering standards.

2015-01-16 14.19.29Access floor panels come in two basic platforms, factory applied finish or bare. Factory applied finish can be from the manufacturers standard stock choices or can form endless custom possibilities.  Factory applied finish is most commonly used in data center construction.  The most common of these finishes would be High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

The benefits to a factory applied finish is ease of access. These panels are generally laid on a bolted stringer grid and the individual panel is not bolted down allowing for regular access below the floor.   These panels are removable so that workers can gain access under the floor by using a simple tile puller.  As a result, many data center access floors have a visible two foot by two foot grid layout.

Bare floor panels have no finish applied. These panels are generally used for office space where carpet squares will be installed using a pressure sensitive adhesive to allow removal and reinstall of the carpet when a panel needs to be removed for access.   These panels can also have a wide range of finishes installed using a releasable adhesive or dry lay.2016-02-28 07 edited  Bare floor panels are generally not on a bolted stringer grid.  They typically are quick bolted to the individual pedestal.  Bolted stringers can be added for strength if required.

A wide range of accessories and architectural elements including ramp, steps, guard rails, handrails, voice/data boxes and floor diffusers can be added to any project.

There are many different styles and applications for raised floor panels. If you have a common or unique application that calls for raised floor, give us a call!