Nice Rack!

Okay, I feel I must explain the title of this blog, being that we live in Tennessee, and a lot of you hunt. I am NOT referring to the big antlers on that buck you bagged. Rather, I am writing about the racks that Johnston Technologies sells for your data centers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium or large business; Johnston Technologies has the product to fit your needs.

Let’s begin with the 2 post racks. 2 post racks are ideal for a smaller businesses. Budget friendly, these racks are small enough to fit into an IT closet. Since these racks are open framed, they allow unrestricted airflow to and from your electronic equipment.

Another option is a 4 post rack. Ideal for a medium sized company, these are open framed shelves also, to allow ventilation, and are ideal for PDUs (Power Distribution Units).  Furthermore, since they have four posts instead of two, they are more sturdy, hold more weight, and work well in a data center or a larger closet.

Both the 2 and 4 post racks, because they are open style, allow for easy access to the front and rear of your equipment. If you are a larger company, however, and security is an issue, you may prefer the enclosures. Enclosures are racks too, but they are enclosed on all sides, to allow access only to authorized personnel and aide in climate control within the rack and the room. To reduce security threats, a keyed entry can be added to the front and back of the storage unit.

Now you may be thinking the 2 and 4 posts were great because since they are open, airflow is unrestricted. Won’t having it enclosed impede that? Seriously, would Johnston Technologies sell you a product that would hinder your equipment’s efficiency? I think not. Enclosures can have a server fan built into the door to protect against overheating and keep the cool air a flowin’. See, I told you Johnston Technologies has you covered. Overheating? Not on their watch!

So remember, next time somebody in your workplace says, “Nice rack.”, they may not be referring to your recent hunting trophy. Your reply should be, “Thanks. Hey, your business could really benefit from the racks by Johnston Technologies too. Go check out their website at and see all the different ones they have to offer.”

2 Post Rack