Home Office Power Protection

With unpredictable weather patterns leaving their mark all over 2012, the spring storms this year have many more people paying attention to the weather and its potential hazards. Many different variables can be responsible for power outages in your home office, but the usual suspect is indeed Mother Nature. Once the power does go out, the timeframe for utility companies to restore it is unpredictable at best due to the amount of customers that may be affected by the storm, and the logistical nightmare that so often ensues. With so many people working from home in the middle Tennessee area, the risk for losing sensitive materials could stand to be as great as an unprotected corporate server room.

Often overlooked, a UPS / battery backup system for your home office equipment is arguably the most important investment one can make when it comes to outfitting and maintaining a successful home business. From Surge Suppression, complete battery backup and even standby Generac generators, Johnston Technologies can provide the most effective solution for all of your home office needs at an affordable price. Whether you’re updating an older solution, expanding, or this is your first look at power protection, let us create peace of mind when the sky turns dark and keep you from becoming another power outage statistic when it matters most.

Power Protection