Hey, Chill Out!

Well, it’s that time of year again, time to crank up the air conditioners and maybe go to the pool to cool off in the water. Hey, don’t exclude your data center from all the fun; it wants to be cool too. Combining the best of both worlds, A/C and water, Johnston Technologies has your data center’s solution to keeping your equipment cool and running at its peak.

If you visit Johnston Technologies’ website at www.johntech.com, you will see they carry two different types of In-Row Air Conditioners:

  • In-Row Chilled Water Air Conditioning units
  • In-Row Pumped Refrigerant Air Conditioning units

Lets begin with the In-Row Chilled Water Air Conditioning. They are kind of like a chameleon. Why? Because they blend in with their surroundings and then catch their prey. In this case, they are strategically placed in the row of racks, bearing a striking resemblance to their surroundings. Then, when the hot air hits…BAM…the In-Row Chilled Air Conditioning strikes. It captures the heat, removes it from your hard working equipment, and then redistributes it evenly in front of the servers. The hot air never had a chance.

In the meantime, your servers and computers are safe and sound, working perfectly, and not overheating. I know I don’t like being overheated; and as a matter of fact, I work slower or not at all when I am. The equipment in your business’ data center is no exception to the rule. Actually, if your computers or servers overheat, it can actually damage them, causing costly repairs and downtime.

And speaking of money, having In-Row Air Conditioners can actually save your business money in the long run. Not only will costly repairs and downtime be eliminated, but since they are installed within the rows of your data center, as your data center needs grow (meaning your business did. Yay!), purchasing for future expansion is eliminated.

Okay, now onto the In-Row Pumped Refrigerant Air Conditioning units. The chilled water and pumped refrigerant A/C models are similar because they are both:

  1. Fully Scalable and Modular Units
  2. Placed in the Rows of the Data Center
  3. Remove Exhaust Air Right at the Source, Eliminating Air Mixing

So what is the difference? The In-Row Pumped Refrigerant AC unit utilizes refrigerant, rather than chilled water. It is also a little smaller, so it does not cool as dense of an area. (Actually, the chilled water units can cool about 70 kW per unit and a pumped refrigerant model can cool about 27 kW per unit.) On that note, you may want to talk to your Johnston Technologies professional about which type of In-Row Air Conditioner would best suit your business’ needs.

Okay, I won’t keep rambling (although I could, ‘cause this is exciting stuff). Your business needs to call Johnston Technologies TODAY. Seriously, you know how lethargic and sluggish you get in the heat? Well it’s worse for your computer servers, which means it is worse for your business. If you can afford downtime, that’s cool. But I highly doubt any business wants that to happen.

For a more in depth look at the in-row A/C units, check out our new 3D interactive brochures:
InRow RC  & InRow RP

InRow RC