Falcon Trade-In Program

Starting now, and ending on June 30th, 2016, you will be able to trade in your old Falcon FMS unit and receive a 20% discount on a newer unit! If your FMS unit is older than July 1st, 2010 (please check the sticker on the bottom of the unit for the manufacture date), you are instantly eligible for this limited time offer. falconemsq

How Does it Work?

First, call a Johnston Technologies sales representative and express your desire to partake in the Falcon Trade-In Program. We will then send you a quote for the price of the new FMS unit. Included in this quote will be a trade-in discount, which will apply once the manufacturer receives your older FMS. When the newer unit ships to you, please package the older unit in the same box, and place the included prepaid shipping label on the outside of the box.

Johnston Technologies will refund the 20% discount back to your account, hassle-free.

What are the Benefits?

The new Falcon FMS units have many benefits over the older unit. Below is a short list of just a couple:

  • New Coldfire Processor
  • Newest firmware release
  • 100mb ethernet
  • Interactive web-based mapping tool
  • SNMP communications improvements
  • Web interface improvements
  • And More!

The full list of upgrades can be found on RLE’s website.