Don’t Despair, Have a Spare

Have you ever been driving along and all of sudden you hear a “Pop! Flump. Flump. Flump.” ? 1. Of course you have; everyone has. And 2. I know it’s not a word, but that’s what a flat sounds like to me. Anyway, what do you do? You pull over and get the spare tire and jack out.

Next question…Do you change the tire yourself (so studly), call roadside assistance, or have your spouse change it? (Personally, I don’t know what I’d do if I was on the side of the road without my husband or my AAA card, but that’s another blog altogether.)

What I’m getting at is this…you had a spare in your car. You did not need to have your car towed, which could take hours depending on where you are stranded. With a replacement available on site (in your trunk), your downtime (amount of time stuck on the roadside instead of driving) was greatly diminished.

Johnston Technologies in Franklin, TN would like to remind all the big and little companies, that it is a great idea to have spare parts for your Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) too. While it would be great if UPSs lasted forever (like cockroaches that have been around for hundreds of millions of years), we all know that nothing does.

You know, Johnston Technologies has a saying, “Downtime is not an option.” Keeping that in mind, if your UPS went down due to a malfunctioned part, wouldn’t it be great if you had an extra part available so you could call up one of Johnston’s factory certified engineers and have them replace the part for you?

Just think how fast that would be compared to calling them out, having them check out your unit, waiting a few days for the replacement part they ordered to come in, and then waiting for them to come back out to replace it. Yeah, that’s a no-brainer. You never know when a power surge or some other outage may occur, causing you to need your UPS to kick in. But if your UPS isn’t working, you may have a problem because your mission critical equipment will be down a lot longer, causing your business a lot of money.

Johnston Technologies not only sells spare parts kits, but their factory certified engineers are able to service UPSs, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), air conditioning units, and distributors, regardless of the brand. So even if you purchased your equipment from another company 🙁 calling Johnston Technologies during your downtime may be your best bet. Why? Because they believe that Downtime is NOT an Option.

If you are one of the many companies, however, that did purchase your UPS from Johnston Technologies, then you already know about the fantastic Service Plans they offer. Standard with every purchase is next business day response time. But did you know they also offer upgraded service contracts with response times of 8 or even 4 hours.

Quick response time is crucial in reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), meaning the faster we can get out there and replace the part, the quicker your company will be up and running safely again. And remember, the quickest way to replace something, is to have it on hand, like your car’s spare tire. So why not call Johnston Technologies today and order that spare parts kit. With the exception of batteries and capacitors, because they have a shelf life, the kits contain most spare parts that will help to get you up and running again during an emergency. And hey,

Shorter Downtime Means More Money in Your Pocket

To read more about our spare parts kits, visit our product page here.

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