Coming Soon to a Single Phase Near You!

Big changes are coming soon for single-phase UPS products by APC.  APC has upgraded multiple features in their UPS products for years, but now, they will soon be offering an upgrade for

…drum roll please…

Lithium Ion batteries!

Specifically, APC will soon offer Lithium Ion batteries in their Smart-UPS On-Line product line.

What does this mean for customers who upgrade to Lithium Ion?

For starters, it means a longer life span. These new Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries can have a service life of 10 years OR MORE! That is roughly double the life span of the existing battery options! Consequently, this will reduce maintenance costs and total cost of ownership by about half.

These new batteries are also smaller and lighter than sealed lead acid batteries by about 30%. This footprint savings allowed APC to design a smaller and lighter UPS. Don’t worry though, you will still be able to configure these units with extended runtime battery packs to meet your runtime demands.

Finally, safety is the biggest question on everyone’s mind. Well, this new product line is UL 973, UL 1642/IEC62133 certified. They can also operate at a higher average temperature than VRLA without degradation to the UPS performance or runtime!

While the Smart-UPS On-line products are scheduled for release in Q1, APC has stated that additional Li-Ion single-phase products will be released throughout 2018!

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