This is where you will find the links to all our case studies and articles.  Case studies will feature our customized solutions provided to our unique list of customers and our articles will feature helpful and informative tips on how to maintain high availability and avoid downtime.


Power ProtectionIn the articles section of, you will find our blog. These articles will be updated frequently with news on how Johnston Technologies is doing, what we are involved in, and any other suggestions or tips we might have for our existing and potential customers.


 Case Studies

Case StudiesIn case studies you will find some of Johnston Technologies’ success stories. These customers trusted us to provide them with either a high quality piece of equipment or service and were highly satisfied. We are always looking for the next case study and could be any one of our customers.



HospitalIn newsletters you will find all of Johnston Technologies’ monthly e-newsletters. These newsletters are distributed to our customers and followers and are filled with updated product information, including upgrades. They also sometimes feature what is happening in and out of our office here in Franklin, TN.

White Papers

Battery Module FailureEach White Paper will report specific industry standards and practices that will help our customers stay in front of industry trends.  These standard practices and procedures will help prepare our industry for upcoming changes or remind of rules in place that are not common knowledge or practiced.  Our industry is always growing, and so will our White Papers.