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Are Your Cables Under Control?

Okay, here are a couple of scenarios…If you are a girl (or a hippy dude sporting lovely locks) with long hair and you don’t use conditioner, is it manageable or is it a giant rats nest that takes FOREVER to untangle? If you are a guy (or a girl in charge of the family finances) […]

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The Twelve Days of Christmas by Johnston Technologies

 On the First Day of Christmas my JohnTech gave to me…An Uninterruptible Power Supply. On the Second Day of Christmas my JohnTech gave to me…Two emergency generators and an Uninterruptible  Power Supply On the Third Day of Christmas my JohnTech gave to me…Three data points monitored, Two emergency generators, and an Uninterruptible Power Supply. On […]

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With our many rack offerings come different rack accessories. Our rack accessories help identify hot spots, prevent air mixing, prevent rat’s nests, maintain underfloor static pressure, and many other problems existing in the data center environment. These solutions are simple and cost-effective. They can easily be implemented and start alleviating issues as soon as they […]

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