Social Madness 2013


With the help of our customers, friends, family and Raise the Roof Inc., Johnston Technologies has advanced to Social Madness’ National Competition!  The first round of the National Competition begins July 16th.

The first round will consist of 44 companies competing against each other for the top 20 spots.  Once in the top 20, the second round will determine the top 8 companies and seed them for the third round of head-to-head bracket style competition.  Beginning in round 3, each week will determine one winner from the two competing against each other and advance them to the next round until a champion is crowned.

$10,000 Donation

The winner of the National Competition in each size (Small, Medium and Large) will receive a $10,000 donation to the charity of their choice.  This year, Johnston Technologies will be competing for Raise the Roof Inc.

Raise the Roof is an organization that helps fund food, shelter and education for children in remote areas of Uganda.  They also organize mission trips with churches to send volunteers to Uganda to help build schools, wells and other critical infrastructure that we take for granted in the United States.

Our goal for the Social Madness Competition is to raise awareness of this terrific organization and help them raise the money necessary to support these villages for years to come.


Voting begins July 16th at  Johnston Technologies will be competing in the Small division against companies all over the country.  To vote, simply log in using a Business Journals account (they are free to sign up), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.  They do allow you to log in to all 5 and cast a vote from each once a day.  If you have not yet logged in using the social media sites, a pop up will appear that will ask you for permission to post on your behalf.  Simply click “Allow” and the site should direct you back to the log in screen or to the voting page.

We also gain points in the competition by means of social engagement.  This engagement can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Liking our page, posts and pictures on Facebook
  • Tweeting @JohnstonTech
  • Sharing any post or tweet from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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